Haptic Display Glove



Sensory Substitution

Figure 1. Vision Substitution by Tactile Image Projection by Dr. Paul Bach-Y-Rita in 1969. The T.V. Camera records the object and sends the stream to commutator which translates this image into motion of vibrators which then projects this image on to the skin of the back of user sitting on the chair.
  • A bat uses echolocation i.e., it generates sound waves and perceives the reflected sound waves to approximate obstacle location while navigating. The perception of reality for a bat is about reflected sound waves.
  • A snake uses heat pits i.e., the ability to sense infrared thermal radiations, which allows them to see in the absence of light and detect warm objects from several meters away. For snakes, the world is about the intensity of thermal radiations from different objects.
  • Birds use magneto-reception i.e., using Earth’s electromagnetic field to navigate and find directions. They perceive the world as electromagnetic radiations.
  • A dog has odor receptors, which allows him to find the direction. The whole reality for a dog is about odors and the correlation between different odors.

Cortical Homunculus

Figure 2. Sensory Homunculus of a human body illustrating how brain maps different sensory organs of the body according to their allocated proportions in the cortex.

System Design

Learning and Design Goals

Technical Implementations

Figure 3 (a). Proposed position and placement of disc vibration motors on hand. Each circle in the above illustration represents one disc vibration motor with its corresponding identification number.
Figure 3 (b). Initial implementation and layout. The right half of the image shows planned layout of vibrations motors which are used for vibration and placement of Arduino Nano
Figure 4. Schematic for connection 16 vibration motors (M-1 to M-16) to Arduino Nano
Figure 5. Implementation Block Diagram
Figure 6. The motion of indicating a ‘move straight’ gesture. The time interval between each frame is 120 ms and on time for each frame is 100 ms.
Initial User Testing for Haptic Glove. User — Sheenam Khuttan
Figure 7. Haptic display glove. (a) shows the glove with exposed layer of electronics while (b) shows the glove with electronics being concealed under layer of fabric giving the glove look and feel of a normal glove.


Video illustrating use case for the haptic glove to receive navigation directions while riding a bike



A creative technologist interested in exploring non-screen based human computer interactions

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Akshay Baweja

A creative technologist interested in exploring non-screen based human computer interactions