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A creative technologist interested in exploring non-screen based human computer interactions

Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation in Older Adults

Alive Memoir is a voice-only social interaction platform designed for the elderly in the shape of a tangible planter. It enables the elderly to share and perceive experiences and stories from people around the world. These stories are expected to range from their daily experiences or some bundled memories of different emotions from their past, things they cherish, love, or hate.


Social Isolation and Loneliness are profound yet underappreciated public health risks that affect a significant portion of the older adult population. The concepts of loneliness and social isolation can be…

Let gestures speak for you with this bluetooth enabled gesture ring 💍

Demo Video for Ring-O


Ring-O is a hardware device that resembles an ordinary ring, that houses sensors and electronics inside a custom designed 3D printed ring to give it the ability to control devices and render input. It can enable gesture controls, for instance, as well as text input by drawing letters in the air, gesture-based authorization for payments, IoT enabled home device control, Music Player controls and much more.


The haptic glove display designed to act as a sensory substitution device. Primarily, it communicates navigation directions from point A to point B in the form of vibration patterns to the person riding a bike or driving a car. The display comprises 16 haptic feedback motors placed on a glove that relays the information to the user as static, spatial, and sweeping haptic feedback. The haptic feedback also varies in intensity to communicate soft or hard feedback. Moreover, it can act as an extension to our present human sensory system in ways that we can perceive data directly on our…

The world map is a 2 ft. X 3 ft. art installation where the land in world map is depicted purely by 629 RGB LEDs in total. Took about a month to build from concept to this shining piece of art.

World map is powered by an ESP32 and requires about 100W of power at full brightness and all LEDs lit as white colour. It is conceptualised with an idea to display any and every kind of animation and manipulate data all around the world. Some data manipulations could be as follows-

  • Displaying world weather data relayed from weather stations…

Bowie is an LED Bowtie designed to be used as a wearable in parties, DJs, etc. It is based on ATMega328 controller, WS2812 LEDs and a BLE. It has a highly optimised design and can run continuously for 12 hours. It houses an onboard charging ciruit as well, so, you can just plug in your regular micro usb charger to charge bowie. Bowie has 28 individually addressable LEDs which makes the real magic happen and can produce millions of colors at once.

Bowie — Front Side consisting of 28 LEDs (WS2812)

Bowie is an open-source design so you can design, moderate and code your own animations. You can…

In Hindi language, the word ‘raah’ means path (or pathway). Raah is a smart belt developed by Gursehaj (CAD Designing), Amanjeet Singh and Jasmine Sodhi (Android App), Bhagat Singh (iOS App) and I (Electronics) for the blind people. This belt helps them navigate outdoors on their own. Raah is a smart solution that uses basic sensors and low battery to find navigation path.

The Problem

A blind person knows any obstructing objects in front of him/her but does not know where to go. Either a helper always goes along with him/her or ask for directions all along the way.


The idea is…

As they say a lot can happen over a coffee, so Utkarsh Kumar Gupta (my mentor) and I decided to build a unique coffee table which makes you go nostalgic having 8-bit games packed inside it along with other fun stuff. Some of the games include Snakes, Tetris, Pong and Bricks with a music analyser, an addition to the whole table.

We started with the basic design ideas and sketching up the basic designs of how our table should look like while I did some research on the controllers to be used along with LEDs to make the whole…

Baksa’ is an installation for The Lost Party which took place at Pune, Maharashtra, India in February of 2016. It is one of grand music and arts festivals held in India. It was conceptualised by a team of four.

Baksa — The Art Installation

The Concept

The idea behind the installation was to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, while ensuring major impact when seen for the first time. In order to make this happen, we decided to make a massive cube shaped structure that pulsates with light and vivid colors. Being a cubic structure, there were six faces that needed to be represented. …

Being an Electronics student or hobbyist, you may have thought of getting a tester that could test almost anything “THE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, OBVIOUSLY!!”

So, Component Tester can test almost everything except the power components, as they consume more of current and power which our micro-controller couldn’t handle !! It automatically detects the component and display its respective values and properties on screen.

  • Resistors
  • Capacitors along with their Equivalent Circuit Resistance Value (ESR)
  • Inductors
  • BJTs
  • FETs — MOSFETs and JFETs
  • Thyristors
  • IGBTs
  • Diodes

Adding to these are much more features to it. It’s has a voltmeter with a range upto 50V…

The Arcade

While arcade emulators aren’t exactly unique, they’re tons of fun, and that essentially is what drove me and my friend Gursehaj to build one at Maker’s Asylum Delhi.

Akshay Baweja

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